[tex-live] [lltx] Updating TeXLive 2010 using tlgmr

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Thu Sep 15 23:51:02 CEST 2011

On 2011-09-16 at 03:50:47 +0930, Will Robertson wrote:

 > (Sent quickly. Please excuse brevity.)
 > On 16/09/2011, at 12:00 AM, Khaled Hosny <khaledhosny at eglug.org> wrote:
 > > I'm not sure what is the issue here either, but I think it would
 > > be good to not try to load fonts that is never used in the
 > > document, e.g. if I use fontspec and set a roman font and don't
 > > have any text using sans or typewriter fonts then why I need LM
 > > or any other font that I'm not using at all?
 > Because users first try to load the package without selecting a
 > font and wonder why their accents don't work.

Hi Will, 
don't be worried too much about the missing accents.  This is a
special case.  People writing Chinese, Japanese, Arabic,... won't miss
them anyway. :)
 > I might change fontspec to only load LM if no other font has been
 > selected in the preamble. 

Yes, that would be great.

 > I'm still unsure whether LM is included or not in tex live or
 > miktex minimal installations; I always assumed it was and this is
 > the first time I've heard otherwise.

I'm not so much concerned about what's in minimal TeX distributions.
ATM I'm working on a TeX system which is running inside another
program.  LuaTeX is running in the background and people expect to get
a result immediately.  Neither the calculations done with Lua nor the
actual typesetting consume a significant amount of time.  The system
spends at least 80% of the time loading fonts.  It would be quite
helpful if I can avoid at least loading fonts I never use.

I already considered to prepare a LuaTeX font cache file which
pretends that Latin Modern has no glyphs. :)

Another thing I thought about is to prepare a dedicated format file.
But I don't have much experience with LuaTeX yet and don't know
whether OpenType fonts can be loaded into the format file at all, and
if yes, whether it speeds up things significantly.  There is much to


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