[tex-live] [lltx] Updating TeXLive 2010 using tlgmr

SKL nn99876 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 15 22:02:35 CEST 2011

On 15 Sep 2011, at 15:32, George N. White III wrote:

> Not all "minimal/basic" distributions include LM.  I assume people
> using those small SSD drives and creating documents that only need
> system fonts hope to avoid installing the 12 MB lm.tar.xz package.

This is not really the point - I dont think anyone minds installing the 12MB package. The point is that in the MacBasic distro LM is no longer included, presumably because it was considered unneccessary, which means that non-TeXperts are faced with a broken system unless the install the full 1-2GB package, or they figure out that "sudo tlmgr install lm" solves the problem, which is not obvious an rather time consuming given the cryptic error messages TeX usually spits out.

I am in no position to argue as to whether fontenc should be fixed, or LM should be included in the Basic distro, but I would think that if either the one or the other would happen that might be highly beneficial for the non-expert users of (Xe)TeX

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