[tex-live] failed messages on updating texlive2011

ravi rv15cap at gmail.com
Sat Oct 29 20:18:26 CEST 2011

Hi list experts!

But besides that, that looks all very normal and in order.
> Do you actually have *problems*? Please describe what are your problems!

After receiving this reply, I did a check and confirmed that I had no
problems. Why then did I get the “failed messages” when updating the tlmgr?
I don't know.  Anyway, I decided to wait and do some more testing. Since
then, I have come up with the following questions
1. I would like to know where I should place a *.sty file in the texlive
installation. The background to this is as follows :
I work with R, a language and environment for statistical computing. This
includes a command for Sweave, which is a command for literate programming
where one can combine latex, R code and its results. From R, starting with a
raw "no web" dokument, I am able to convert it into a tex file. But I get
stuck in the next step of converting to a pdf file. I get an error message
that the "Sweave.sty" file is not found. I did a apt-file search and located
this is located in the following location :
I have copied it into the following location :
Is this the right location? I can ask people at the R help list, but since I
have done a texlive 2011 installation from source (instead of from the
Ubuntu software centre), I have come here to this forum. Can you please tell
me where you would recommend the placement of *.sty files so that the
pdflatex processing finds them. In a couple of days, a new version of R will
be released. This carries with it a new version of Sweave.sty file. What is
the recommended method of dealing with *.sty files that are upgraded often?
2. My next question is related to the first. The serious R users work with
ess (“emacs speaks with statistics”), a kind of IDE with emacs for R.
Auctexs seems to be used here for the Sweaving process. I don't know much
about Auctex (having worked so far only with texworks), but I suppose that
it needs texlive as well. If I install Auctex from the Ubuntu software
centre, I suspect that there would be a dependancy problem because only
texlive 2009 is supported there. Indeed, I have seen a blog where there is
some discussion of using a package called “equivs” to make installed texlive
2011 version as the tex source. I tried the steps outlined there, but those
did not work for me. I would appreciate all help in the right use of
“equivs”, or alternatively any other method of solving this problem.
3. I straight away went for the texlive 2011 installation. Could I get at
least a short answer as to what I have gained with the texlive 2011 version
as compared to the 2009 version provided by Ubuntu. If I install again with
Ubuntu 11.10, I would like to know what my options are.
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