[tex-live] latex-2.09 in TeXLive

Bob Tennent rdt at cs.queensu.ca
Thu Oct 27 16:25:17 CEST 2011

 >|Were the resulting page and line breaks
 >|identical to the pre-1966 printed edition ?
                        ^^^^  1996!

I haven't checked every page but the page numbers are right. 


 >|Bob Tennent wrote:
 >|>   >|I need to re-create this format for use on legacy sources (1000s of
 >|>   >|lines). How do I do it in a modern TeXLive installation?
 >|> Thanks to all who replied. I've successfully created a latex209 format
 >|> and re-built a 650-page book from its pre-1996 source files. I had to
 >|> re-create some virtual fonts using afm2tfm.

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