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I'm using texlive-bin-latex-2010-4.6

The tikz package included with texlive appears to be so out of date it is not 
functional (since gnuplot changes in 2005).

tikz uses gnuplot to produce graphs.  The interface gnuplot uses changed in
2005. The current tikz works but the one included in opensuse is so out of date
it doesn't without a hack.

The fix is _very_ simple:

line 288 of /usr/share/texmf/tex/generic/pgf/modules/pgfmoduleplot.code.tex
needs to have the word "terminal" removed and it should then look like this:

\xdef\pgf at gnuplot@head#1{set table; set output "#1.table"; set format "%.5f"}   

Any chance this could be fixed?


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