[tex-live] Announcement: New maintainers for Polyglossia and ArabXeTeX

FC firmicus04 at googlemail.com
Tue Oct 4 21:05:10 CEST 2011

Hello everyone,

I will keep it short, otherwise people will start saying that I do have some
spare time after all :)

First the obvious: I have been recently informed of the dependency problem
in polyglossia following the recent evolution of fontspec.
I do sincerely apologise to all users for all the trouble engendered by that
missing RequiresPackage line!
I also thank Philipp Stephani for having forked the github repository and
uploaded a fixed version to CTAN.

But let us forget that mishap.

As I stated in a private email to Zdenĕk Wagner quoted on the xetex mailing
list, for the past 12 months I have had absolutely no spare time at my
disposal, and my email correspondence related to open-source projects was,
alas, almost fully neglected. This means that even something as trivial as
adding a line to polyglossia.dtx and uploading a new version to CTAN is
really beyond my capacity.

Therefore I am very happy to announce that I have finally found a new
maintainer for polyglossia. Starting immediately, *Arthur Reutenauer* will
actively take the commands. Arthur should be well-known to many readers of
this list for his long-standing commitment in matters related to TeX vs
Unicode and multilingual typesetting. In other words, he has the perfect
profile for the job :)

I will also forward to him all emails I have received relating to
polyglossia during the past year.

Obviously this new situation will be for the common benefit of all XeTeX
users. I cannot speak for Arthur but it may not be too wild to imagine that
a future version (or fork) of polyglossia will also support LuaLaTeX.

Also, *Vafa Khaliqi* kindly offered to take over the maintainership of my
other package ArabXeTeX, which I likewise officially confirm here.

@Karl Berry: is there (legally speaking) anything else I should do to
officialize the changes of "Current Maintainers"?
The LPPL seems to imply that both Arthur and Vafa should actively confirm
here their intentions of becoming the new respective maintainers, for the
change of maintainerhip to become active.

Best regards,
François Charette
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