[tex-live] problem with babel package

Philipp Stephani st_philipp at yahoo.de
Tue May 24 19:55:40 CEST 2011

Am 20.05.2011 um 11:16 schrieb Robin Fairbairns:

> istm an impossible dichotomy has been proposed here -- either people
> manage their own stuff (by taking packages direct from ctan or from the
> tl repository) or they have no way of correcting bugs.
> a third alternative would be to publish patches.  this is equally
> distasteful, since the na\"if user will either patch a copy of
> the package that goes with their document, or they'll incorporate
> patching code into their document.  this makes the document immune to
> any later improvement of the package.
> note that, by default, many people's tex live won't change in the
> lifetime of their system: here, for example, that will be 3 years for a
> phd student (who finishes on time[*]) or 5 years or more for the
> "ordinary" member of faculty.

Outside of this thread the discussion seems to converge to "always install TL from the net and never from the system repositories":


So your first option seems to be the state of the art solution. Given that, it might be best to remove all dependencies to TeX Live in the Linux distribution repos: often users want to install e.g. Kile and can't do so without installing the distro's TL they don't want (at least on Ubuntu that happened all the time).
Still I think that e.g. TL 2009 is good enough for most ordinary people (it's newer than Word 2007, after all ;-), but I'm not the one to decide that, of course.

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