[tex-live] pdfopen on Mac OS X

Jim Diamond jim.diamond at acadiau.ca
Sat May 14 15:33:40 CEST 2011

Karl, Philip, Mojca and anyone else who is still listening:

Sorry to take so long to get back to you, there were some urgent parts
of my day job to deal with.

On Tue, May 10, 2011 at 22:18 (+0000), Karl Berry wrote:

> Jim, the version of (x)pdfopen in TeX Live matches what is on CTAN (in
> support/xpdfopen), as far as I can tell.  Where is the new version and
> can you upload it to CTAN?

The CTAN version
is the newest version.
It was uploaded in May 2010 (yep, last year).

I'm guessing that some of the confusion in this thread revolves around
the fact that the code I took over (and the code I produced) seems to
be very "X Window System" specific, and thus maybe not of much/any use
to Mac people (such as Mojca Miklavec) and windows people (such as
Philip Taylor).

Philip (as you probably saw) says his pdfopen version is 0.2, which is
presumably quite old.  I "inherited" version 0.61 from Taco Hoekwater
and went from there.

The comment in the README when I came on the scene told me
	This is a Linux (X11) implementation of Fabrice Popineau's
	pdfclose/pdfopen commands to control the Acrobat Reader.

Philip: I don't do windows.  I don't know where a windows port came
from.  I don't know where it is.  I don't know how a windows port
would work.  I don't want to know :-)  Of course, if someone wants to
create a version for windows that works, we should get it into CTAN.

Mojca: as we discussed, an X11 approach is not likely the way to go
for anything useful on OS X.  If someone wants to write something that
works there, we should get it into CTAN as well.

All: what we really need to do is to convince Adobe to support a
command-line incantation of the form
	acroread [-refresh-if-already-open] [-start-at-page N] <file.pdf>
on all supported platforms, and then this whole problem would go away,
at least for people who want to use acroread.

Does anyone have any friends in high places at Adobe?

Cheers all.


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