[tex-live] pdfopen on Mac OS X

Jim Diamond jim.diamond at acadiau.ca
Tue May 10 21:44:38 CEST 2011

On Tue, May 10, 2011 at 20:19 (+0100), Philip TAYLOR wrote:

> Jim Diamond wrote:
>>Try pdfopen -viewer ar9-tab some.pdf
>>P.S. Yes, there should be a -h and/or --help option.  Maybe even a man
>>page.  I'll complain bitterly to the right person the next time he has
>>a few spare minutes.

> Jim, if you find the right person, could you please ask him why

> pdfopen oldstyle.pdf

> complains of a missing mandatory "--file" qualifier ?  From your
> (?his?) example above, the "--file" qualifier is not needed and
> a bare filename can be given (as one would expect).


you have an old version of pdfopen.  I don't know what TeX
distribution you are using, but the new and (*cough*) improved version
does not have that option.

When I updated and substantially rewrote the program I decided to
remove that "option" since it seemed redundant to me, at least in the
context of the functionality of the new version.


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