[tex-live] XITS version hasn't been upgraded yet

Victor Ivrii vivrii at gmail.com
Fri May 6 21:00:24 CEST 2011

On Fri, May 6, 2011 at 7:07 PM, Philipp Stephani <st_philipp at yahoo.de> wrote:

> No, it is not a mirror, it is not in sync with TeX Live, it does not contain most of the TeX Live packages, and therefore you cannot *switch* to TLContrib. You can install *additional* packages using
> tlmgr --repository http://tlcontrib.metatex.org/2010 install ...
> but you still need an ordinary TeX Live mirror for all packages you didn't install from TLContrib.

And also it is maintained by different people. The common things with
the TL site are tlmgr and the same texmf  tree. At least it was the
case some time ago when I used TLcontrib to install TeXWorks for
Linux-64 (in the end it did not work as RHEL had certain libraries

> You can use TLContrib without "switching" (how did you "switch to TLContrib anyway) by simply using the appropriate repository URL on the command line. Unless you do this, TLContrib doesn't interfere with your installation at all.

It definitely does - because they use the same tree. Again at that
time when using TL-mirror, tlmgr  tried was uninstalling TW as they
were missing in TL-mirror, so one should run --no-auto-remove etc. It
was a lot of fun.

> http://tlcontrib.metatex.org/usage.html
> *Please note:* TLContrib only contains a small set of packages that do not fit in with the normal TeXLive distribution. It is *not* meant to replace the tlnet repository, but *only* as an extra source of packages and updates that can not be acquired via normal means.

There is a lot of packages which do not fit into TL distribution
(usually due to licensing issues). TLcontrib contains only some of
them and some experimental updates to packages which are parts of TL
distribution. IMHO it would be great if tlmgr could deal with local
tree as well - or had a sidekick which would deal only with the local
tree. Sure there would be still a common executable directory and
separating would be even more difficult as then TeX would have more
than one such directory. Then may be some volunteers will add extra
packages to TLcontrib (I know, that everybody likes volunteers but
only few like volunteering).


Victor Ivrii, Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of Toronto

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