[tex-live] [texworks] Where does TW stores configuration and settings?

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Sat Mar 26 22:42:00 CET 2011

On 26 March 2011 20:58, Joseph Wright <joseph.wright at morningstar2.co.uk> wrote:
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> On 26/03/2011 14:46, Andreas Hirsch wrote:
>> Seems that I have to clarify my situation:
>> I installed TL2010 on my Linux-server, installing binaries for Linux and
>> Win32
>> I mapped texlive via Samba to my Vista-PC and added /bin/win32 to the
>> Windows-Path
>> everything works fine
>> As for this way, where is no registry-entry for TW on my Vista-PC
>> Later I installed TW 0.4 to a localdrive of my Vista-PC for testing
>> purposes.
>> Now I've got a registry-enty for this TW
>> So I'm still doesn't know the location of the settings of my TL-TW
> On my Windows TL system, I find
>  %USERPROFILE%\.texlive2010\texmf-config\texworks\TUG\texworks.ini
> which contains the Registry settings from 'vanilla' TeXworks, and
>  %USERPROFILE%\.texlive2010\texmf-config\texworks\configuration\
> containing the same as %USERPROFILE%\texworks\configuration\ from
> 'vanilla' TeXworks.

Indeed, in TeXworks configuration in TeX Live is stored under
$TEXMFCONFIG/texworks, which by default is under
%USERPROFILE%\.texlive2010\texmf-config\texworks.  And we try not to
use the registry for any software shipped with TeX Live.



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