[tex-live] problems with spaces under windows

Andreas Hirsch nishni_nowgorod at gaponline.de
Thu Jun 30 21:55:26 CEST 2011

Hi Uwe,

quoting Uwe Siart, [30.06.2011 21:39 +0100]:
> On 30 Jun 2011 at 20:00, Andreas Hirsch wrote:
>> by default, the first user created during windows-install is an
>> administrator
> No. The first user created during windows install is a user that is in 
> the group "administrators". And - weird enough - this is not equivalent 
> to the user "Administrator" who is exclusively in this group.

I'm forced to administrate Windows-Systems for more than a decade and I
could not observe the difference you mention.

First step after my installations is to create a new user and add this
to the group of administrators and rename the old one. After this step
all further action is managed by the new user.


How do we persuade new users
that spreading fonts across the page
like peanut butter across hot toast
is not necessarily the route to
typographic excellence?	-- Peter Flynn

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