[tex-live] Testing and Upgrading on Windows

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Mon Jun 27 00:39:28 CEST 2011


please stay on list, this is a topic that needs no private discussion.

On So, 26 Jun 2011, texlive.jlists at spamgourmet.com wrote:
> [Dominic] Well, to me at least it seems a bit odd and uneconomical on
> bandwidth to not only load the changed infrastructure parts, but also to
> re-load all packages. (Some of us are asked to keep an eye on their
> bandwidth usage.)

Anyway, most packages will have to be redownloaded due to updated
revision numbers. I am not 100% sure how much you save.

> [Dominic] Is there no script or will there be none? (For *nix, Windows, Mac,
> ...?) And what about updating from TL2011pre to TL2011?

tl2011pre to tl2011 is fine, there will be no need to change anything.

For the script: Nobody has stepped forward to write one. And we are
all volunteers.

> [Dominic] Sorry, I do not get your point. Once I installed it, it will be
> possible to use TL2011pre, instead, yes. But what does say about
> re-downloading about 1GB in the first place? 

Well, then wait for the released version and get the DVD. Do you have
the NEED for running a pretest version?

Become a member of a TeX user group, and you will most probably get
the TeX Collection DVD which includes TeX Live. No need to download

> > Of course, on Unix, all is much more easy ;-) (Sorry, had to get rid of
> that!)
> [Dominic] So, then there is no need for testing other platforms, right?

Arggggggg, stop it NOW!!! We invest far FAR too much time into
the peculiarities of Windows, and a huge percentage of code is 
just to adapt to Winblows, and huge amount of testing. Don't tell
things like that without knowing.

It is simply *much*more*complicated* on Windows, thats all. And if
you don't believe me, please step forward and write yourself an
upgrade script!!!

Contributions are welcome, ignorant emails less.

Best wishes

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