[tex-live] Testing and Upgrading on Windows

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Hello Norbert,

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> On Fr, 24 Jun 2011, texlive.jlists at spamgourmet.com wrote:
> > Is it possible to test the prerelease of TeXLive on Windows by
> Not really. Are you so low on disk space?

[Dominic] Well, to me at least it seems a bit odd and uneconomical on
bandwidth to not only load the changed infrastructure parts, but also to
re-load all packages. (Some of us are asked to keep an eye on their
bandwidth usage.)

> > script for Windows. - However, on the TL lists, there is frequent
> > mention of one; in particular, it supposedly updates TL during
> Yeah updates within the pre-release is of course working. But not from
2010 -
> > 2011.

[Dominic] Is there no script or will there be none? (For *nix, Windows, Mac,
...?) And what about updating from TL2011pre to TL2011?

> > Or is this a big misconception and I should simply do "tlmgr --update
> > --self" against the prerelease repository?
> That will not work. tlmgr will tell you that the release years don't

[Dominic] Thanks. That is what I expected to happen.

> If you are experimental, and know your way around in a windows system,
> and are able to look into the registry, and know how to use the cmd line
> call programs, you might be able to switch easily, but at the moment you
> loose the uninstaller options.

[Dominic] Sorry, I do not get your point. Once I installed it, it will be
possible to use TL2011pre, instead, yes. But what does say about
re-downloading about 1GB in the first place? 

> Of course, on Unix, all is much more easy ;-) (Sorry, had to get rid of

[Dominic] So, then there is no need for testing other platforms, right?


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