[tex-live] tlpretest i386-cygwin: TrueType fonts in texmf-local not found

Rolf Dieterich rolf.dieterich at arcor.de
Fri Jun 24 22:48:48 CEST 2011

Hi Karl,

I want to inform you about some results of my investigations.
First of all, my problems are not related to kpathsea at all but to LuaTeX's
kpse library.
So instead of looking at texmf.cnf and kpsewhich the right config files and
tools are texmfcnf.lua and luatools. (A few days ago I still thought
texmfcnf.lua would only be for ConTeXt.)

So what I found out:
The "filename" entrys in
~/.texlive2011/texmf-var/luatex-cache/generic/names/otfl-names.lua generated
by mkluatexfontdb are in lower case letters whereas some of my fonts contain
upper case letters, e.g. MinionPro-Standard.otf.
I assume that kpse.lookup in otfl-font-nms.lua then can't find the font
Because Windows is not case-sensitive, I had no problems in my Windows
TL2010 installation.
So changing some letters in otfl-names.lua proofed me right: Afterwards
Minion Pro was found.

I also detected a weird entry in my otfl-names.lua database:
   ["filename"]={ "texmfhome.otf", false },

So maybe mkluatexfontdb and otfl-font-nms.lua should work together in a
consistent way.


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