[tex-live] TL '11 pretest, binaries packages

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Freenet.DE
Mon Jun 20 16:47:28 CEST 2011


TL '11 contains a lot of packages <name>.<ARCH>. Each of these  
packages <name> exists in a dozen or more variants because so many  
architectures are supported. Although many of these packages do not  
contain binaries but scripts, for example in Perl or Python or Ruby or  
Lua or Java or TclTk/wish, architecture and platform independent, some  
are just symbolic links. Why do these <ARCH> packages exist?

	a2ping, accfonts, authorindex, bundledoc, cachepic, csplain, cslatex,  
de-macro, dviasm, ebong, eplain, epspdf, epstopdf, fig4latex,   
findhyph, fontools, fragmaster, glossaries, latex-bin, latex2man,  
latexdiff, latexmk, luaotfload, mathspic, mex, mltex, mptopdf,  
musixtex, pdfcrop, perltex, pkfix, pkfix-helper, ppower4, pstools,  
purifyeps, splitindex, sty2dtx, svn-multi, texcount, texdef, texdiff,  
texdirflatten, texdoc, texlive-scripts, texloganalyser, texsis,  
thumbpdf, ulqda, vpe, xmltex.

I can understand why these shell scripts containing packages exist:

	bibexport, context, cyrillic-bin, fontinst, fragmaster, installfont,  
listings-ext, pdfjam, tetex, texconfig, tpic2pdftex.

The shell scripts certainly don't run on MS-DOS and Mac OS.



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