[tex-live] problem with an xy package font

Barbara Beeton bnb at ams.org
Sun Jun 19 23:51:43 CEST 2011

the file xybsql10.pfb on ctan has a serious problem.

there are two versions:
  - 2010/06/03 | macros/generic/diagrams/xypic/xy-3.7/type1/xybsql10.pfb
  - 2011/05/27 | macros/generic/diagrams/xypic/xy-3.8.6/type1/xybsql10.pfb

the version in xy-3.8.6 has faulty shapes at "0F,
"2F, "4F, and "6F.  the version in xy-3.7 has good
shapes.  however, version 3.7 is allegedly what is
in tex live 2010 (checked by matching the dates),
and that has the faulty shapes in xybsql10.pfb.

we're also notifying the maintainers of xypic so
that this gets fixed at the source.  so this is
just a heads up.
 						-- bb

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