[tex-live] mktexlsr letter case

linuxss linuxss at list.ru
Tue Jun 7 09:38:24 CEST 2011

I was looking for info about mktexlsr, why it makes ls-r file content in 
lowercase in win32 systems and didn't find any answers.
In the Unix systems it leaves original letter case, so why it could not 
do the same in win32?

the problem is that I use texlive tree from different platforms and if I 
change any files from windows, I have to switch to linux, to regenerate 
other wise it will crash in linux.

so, could any body do an option in mktexlsr 'originalcase' witch would 
make ls-r file with original lettercase in windows? and
modified mktexlsr could be added to texlive2011 distribution.
(or maybe don't need lowercase any more at all)

thanks,  in advance!!

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