[tex-live] TL2011 and decorule.sty

Stephen Moye sgmoye at me.com
Sun Jul 31 19:22:33 CEST 2011

A question came up recently on CTT about decorule.sty. My curiosity piqued (and having read the article in TUGboat), I tried

	texdoc -s decorule

and came up with nothing, as did

	kpsewhere decorule.sty

(I'm using MacTeX2011.) I have done updates with the TeX Live Utility. I can find the package easily enough on CTAN, but as the package was officially added to CTAN on (or around) June 20, I was wondering why TLU/tlmgr do not seem to know about it.

Stephen Moye
sgmoye at me.com

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