[tex-live] [bug] Kpfonts

Rasmus rasmus at gmx.us
Thu Jul 21 20:16:18 CEST 2011


It seems that there is some kind of bug in the current Kpfonts package
(rev. 21964). Lately, when I have tried to *print out* documents using
Kpfonts with Gnome Evince, numbers and small caps have been flying
around on the page. This only happens when I print out on a printer, not
when I print out to e.g. cups-pdf. Printing from acroread resulted in a
proper print.

I have tested Evince 2 and 3 and the problem exists in both versions on
my system.

It disappeared when I downgraded Kpfonts to rev. 19780.

I am using Archlinux 64 bit and TeX Live from TUG.  


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