[tex-live] local/personal fonts

Bob Tennent rdt at cs.queensu.ca
Thu Jul 21 03:25:36 CEST 2011

 >|> Isn't there a much simpler alternative to using tlmgr? I've just done
 >|>   cat $TEXMFMAIN/web2c/updmap.cfg \
 >|>       $TEXMFLOCAL/web2c/updmap-local.cfg \
 >|>       $TEXMFCONFIG/web2c/updmap-local.cfg \
 >|>     > updmap.cfg
 >|>   updmap --cnffile updmap.cfg
 >|That is wrong. $TEXMFMAIN/web2c/updmap.cfg does not necessarily
 >|correspond to the set of fonts installed.
 >|tlmgr reads the list of installed packages and fonts and generates
 >|the list of Map entries from it.
 >|If you do it like the above and *not* have everything installed
 >|you will hit "font not found" on updmap run.

OK, that answers my question about what tlmgr does. (I did have
everything installed and so didn't have the "font not found" issue.)

But would it not be possible for tlmgr then to append *both* of the
updmap-local.cfgs to get the local and personal deltas in priority
order?  It does this for TEXMFLOCAL and you give instructions for
doing it with TEXMFCONFIG; why not both?

Bob T.

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