[tex-live] pdflatex works - but tex does not ?!

Axel S. bumbelejer at yahoo.de
Mon Jul 18 17:32:52 CEST 2011


I could need some help as I cannot solve the following problem:

With pdflatex I can create a pdf-file but when I execute tex every command is rejected. The log starts like this:

This is TeX, Version 3.1415926 (TeX Live 2010) (format=tex 2011.2.22) 18 JUL 2011 17:25
! Undefined control sequence.
l.1 \documentclass
The control sequence at the end of the top line
of your error message was never \def'ed. If you have
misspelled it (e.g., `\hobx'), type `I' and the correct
spelling (e.g., `I\hbox'). Otherwise just continue,
and I'll forget about whatever was undefined...

I'm using Texmaker on openSUSE 11.4. Can anyone help me, please?


P.S. Here is the simple example that produces the trouble above:

\address{your name and address} 
\signature{your signature} 
\begin{letter}{name and address of the recipient} 
\opening{saying hello} 
write your letter here 
\closing{saying goodbye} 
%\ps{adding a postscript} 
%\encl{list of enclosed material} 

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