[tex-live] xetex-devanagari including velthuis.map

Zdenek Wagner zdenek.wagner at gmail.com
Mon Jul 18 15:06:49 CEST 2011

2011/7/17 Daniel Stender <daniel at danielstender.com>:
> Dear Mr. Wagner,
> I've included velthuis.map into my packet and created a copyright file for detailed copyright
> information. Thus, I would think about something like this:
> https://github.com/danstender/xetex-devanagari
> Please tell me that this is o.k. for you and I am going to pack it for an CTAN update. If you have
> any suggestions or corrections please let me know.
What you have included is the map file intended for use in Hindi. It
reflects the way how transliteration is used in Hindi textbooks and
dictionaries. You will therefore type ghar, not ghara, although there
is no virama at the end of the word. In Hindi virama is used just at
the end of a few Sanskrit words and therefore it must be typed
explicitely. With this map you have to type mahaan& or mahaan_ while
with velthuis-sanskrit.map intended for Sanskrit you will type just
mahaan and virama will be appended automatically. Similarly, in Hindi
I will typ simply adhyaay while in Sanskrit it is necessary to type
adhyaaya. There is just an inconsistency in your example, Hindi map is
used for a Sanskrit text.

The devanagarinumerals.map is also important. If you type the text
directly in UTF-8, this present the simplest way how to turn
automatically generated counters to Devanagari. This is very useful
for sorting by xindy. If the numbers were in Devanagari, a new
location class would have to be defined ald programmed in clisp. If
the couters are defined to generate Arabic numbers, xindy sees normal
numbers and can work with them out of the box. Later XeTeX displays
the numbers i Devanagari using devanagarinumerals.map.

It would be confusing to have some maps in xetex-devanagari and some
in velthuis. I would prefer if you package all of them. I do not mind
if you change the license to PD.

> Much greetings,
> Daniel Stender
> --
> http://www.danielstender.com/granthinam/
> GPG key ID: 1654BD9C

Zdeněk Wagner

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