[tex-live] Velhuis.map

Zdenek Wagner zdenek.wagner at gmail.com
Tue Jul 12 17:07:22 CEST 2011

2011/7/9 Daniel Stender <daniel at danielstender.com>:
> Mr. Wagner,
Of course, you can use it. The whole Velthuis package is licensed
under GPL. The only problem is packaging for TeX Live and MiKTeX
because duplicate files may cause problems. I agree that
xetex-devanagari is more logical place for TECkit maps. The question
is: If I remove it from the Velthuis package and rely on
xetex-devanagari, would someone miss it? If I keep it, ctan2tds will
have to be modified in TL in order not to package duplicates but how
about MiKTeX?

I am posting the copy of the mail to the relevant lists in order to
get suggestions from others.

> I am maintaining a little CTAN packet which includes TECKIT mapping for easier typing Devanagari
> with XeTeX: https://github.com/danstender/xetex-devanagari
> It began with the Harvardkyoto encoding, which I use myself, but I've been asked to provide an IAST
> input mapping also, which I've also included into my packet.
> I would like to ask if I would have your permission to include your velthuis.map also into
> xetex-devanagari, which would make a fine wrap. What would you think?
> Best greetings,
> Daniel Stender
> --
> http://www.danielstender.com/granthinam/
> GPG key ID: 1654BD9C

Zdeněk Wagner

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