[tex-live] Location of Lua files

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Mon Jul 11 17:36:43 CEST 2011

On 11 July 2011 09:51, Ulrike Fischer <news3 at nililand.de> wrote:
> Am Sun, 10 Jul 2011 22:48:38 GMT schrieb Karl Berry:
>>     it would be good to know what kpathsea implements;
>> What kpse implements (in kpathsea/tex-file.c) is searching along the
>> path/envvar named LUAINPUTS in the standard way, with numerous suffixes:
>> .lua  .luatex  .luc  .luctex  .texlua  .texluc  .tlu
>> And the default path for LUAINPUTS (in texmf.cnf) is:
>> LUAINPUTS = .;$TEXMF/scripts/{$progname,$engine,}/{lua,}//;$TEXINPUTS
>> With that path, it is immaterial whether a .lua is under tex/ or scripts/.
>>     > lua-files connected with an exe
>> I have no desire to think about such a distinction (or, in general,
>> deeply look at packages when I install/update them), when it makes no
>> practical difference.
> I would say it makes a practical difference. mkluatexfontdb.exe is
> an executable which writes files (the name cache) in another texmf
> tree so its writing rights are not restricted to subfolders. So I
> care much more about how mkluatexfontdb.exe finds its associated
> script than how e.g. fontspec finds its lua-file. I would find the
> thought that mkluatexfontdb.exe (and similar executables) can use
> whatever (.lua) script it finds in a large range of pathes and
> environment variables rather troubling. The restriction imposed by

FYI, on win32 searching for an executable script is equivalent to
(with some exceptions):

  kpsewhich -format texmfscripts <script.ext>

This doesn't search LUAINPUTS, but instead TEXMFSCRITPS is searched.

> miktex to the search path of mkluatexfontdb.exe in its scripts.ini
> don't mean completly security but at least gives a bit protection.

I'm not sure what kind of protection you expect here.  We make
provision for certain "restricted" programs (defined in
shell_escape_commands) that searching in these cases uses different
this can be easily overridden by the user in texmf.cnf or environment.



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