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 thanks alot it works know, the updated package was 850 packagei need updating because the command  \addbibresource{ref.bib} doesnot work , but 
when i compile the following simple example for bibliography it give me the error 
"Package biblatex Warning: File 'biblography.bbl' created by wrong version."
here is the example 
Now is the time for all the good stuff to happen.

and here is the ref.bib
author = {K.S.Narendra and K.Parthsarathy},
title = {Identification and Control of Dynamical System
using Neural Networks},
journal = "IEENN",
year = {1990},
volume = {1},
number = {1},
month = {},
pages = {4-27},
note = {},
annote = {}
after updating i thought that no error appear but i found this error i don't know what is the problem.
thanks in advance 
===============Ahmed Lasheen

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Egyptian Meteorological Authority(EMA)

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Le 05/07/2011 18:35, ahmed lasheen a écrit :
> Hello every body
> I  new to this mailing list.I am using the texlive from one year ago 
> i am trying to reinstall the biblatex using the following command 
>  su -c "tlmgr install --reinstall biblatex"
> but always i found the following error
> tlmgr: package repository /mnt/texlive2010
> Cannot load TeX Live database from /mnt/texlive2010 at /usr/local/texlive/2010/bin/x86_64-linux/tlmgr line 4277.
You should either:

1. Mount the TeX Live 2010 DVD (or and iso image of it) at /mnt/texlive2010


2. Switch the online repository using "tlmgr option repository ctan". Be warned,
however, that this will install the current version of biblatex, probably not
the same as the DVD version. Also, this will stop working in a few days when TL
2011 will be published, this the repo will work with TL 2011 only.

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