[tex-live] windows multiple tl versions

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon Dec 26 02:33:56 CET 2011

Siep or anyone,

Suppose I install vanilla TL 2010 on a Windows machine.
Now suppose I install vanilla TL 2011 on that same Windows machine.

Do any conflicts result?
How about if I do it in the other order/

I know (I think) that the files will end up in different directories,
just as they do on Unix.  But what about the registry or other Windows
magic?  Does 2011 overwrite something global from 2010, such that you
cannot switch simply by changing the path?

Put another way, for complete confidence, is it necessary to uninstall 
one version before installing another, on Windows?  I think/hope the
answer is no, but a user asked me, and I realized I wasn't sure.

The Administration section of http://tug.org/texlive/windows.html has
the weasel words "(at least)".  So, still not sure.

The Windows registry section in the manual talks about interesting
registry keys in the abstract, but not what TL sets (if it sets
anything).  So, still not sure.

>From windows.html I realize there is this distinction of where the new
directory is auto-added to the Windows PATH.  That's fine.  I'm worried
about things that make changing the PATH insufficient.


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