[tex-live] cmdtrack license

Tom Callaway tcallawa at redhat.com
Tue Dec 20 16:18:01 CET 2011

On 12/19/2011 08:21 PM, Karl Berry wrote:
>     * cmdtrack
>     Reason: The only licensing info says:
>     %%%     copyright       = "Copyright 1999 Michael John Downes.
>     %%%                        This program may be used, distributed, or
>     %%%                        even sold, without restrictions.",
>     Unfortunately, it does not grant permission to modify.
> Indeed.
> As you may know, Downes died several years ago.  I have been unable to
> find any contact information for his heirs (three daughters).  So I have
> removed cmdtrack from TL.

I was not aware of this, my condolences to Mr. Downes's family if they
come across this.


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