[tex-live] setspace license

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun Dec 18 23:17:11 CET 2011

    * setspace
    Reason: Could not find a license. Forced to assume it is non-free.

Earlier this year, I reached Geoffrey Tobin and Erica Harris, who
between them (we all believe) are the only people remaining with
copyright interest in the file, the minor bits from others mentioned in
the comments all having been replaced.  They are both fine with whatever
license.  So, with their ok, I added this line to the top (version
currently on CTAN and TL):

% You may freely use, modify, and/or distribute this file, without limitation.

As the minimal known-good license that I am aware of.

If you want me to add copyright lines, I can do that too.


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