[tex-live] libertine wrongly packaged

Bob Tennent rdt at cs.queensu.ca
Sun Dec 18 15:47:50 CET 2011

 >|>  > would someone like to take on the job of restoring the pfb's,
 >|> etc., and re-releasing with the current version?
 >|> Karl: I propose that pfbs and support files be created to match the
 >|> current otfs. I'm willing to do this (but not to take over maintenance
 >|> of the whole package as I'm not a xelatex/lualatex user). Users may have
 >|> to modify their font commands somewhat.
 >|Remember that It will not be an easy task. OTF supports features not
 >|available in Type1. Moreover, pfb files are not so important for
 >|xelatex and lualatex if otf is available, they are important for
 >|(pdf)latex. You thus have to handle encoding properly. Another problem
 >|is concerned with hinting. Type1 hinting differs from TrueType
 >|hinting. If the OFT is TrueType flavoured, you still can use FontForge
 >|to save it as Type1 but automatical hinting is never right and has to
 >|be fine tuned manually. Restoring the legacy version would be much

I've used the autoinst script successfully on commercial fonts and
also on the Biolinum sans fonts in the new libertine package. But
I've just tried to do the same on the LinLibertine otf fonts and I'm
getting failure messages for many of the otftotfm calls. I have no idea
how to fix these and so I'll have to withdraw my offer. Until someone
sufficiently knowledgeable can take over maintainance, the old package
should be restored.

Bob T.

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