[tex-live] [TLContrib] TeXworks in TeX Live

taco taco at elvenkind.com
Sat Oct 23 19:35:11 CEST 2010

Karl Berry wrote:
>     * 'texworks.win32' also contains a whole bunch of data files
>     for poppler as well as the manual/help, living under tlpkg/texworks.
>     Should I include those as well? If yes, would it not be better to
>     move those files to 'texworks' ?
> In my experience, a "generic" binary for TW (or any other big GUI app)
> under GNU/Linux (especially, but other Unixes too) is simply impossible.
> Distros make it impossible for any shared libs to work from one to
> another because they change names and versions at will.  Static linking
> fails because of kernel/libc incompatibilities.  So I see no real point
> in changing anything.

I did not want to compile in all libraries statically, but the
package contains about two dozen megabytes of .so files (basically
everything except libdl, libc, libm, libz and libpthreads).
I had a similar setup to the tlcontrib package on a usb stick
some time ago, and that worked rather well: much more portable
than I expected. in fact.

But, as I wrote earlier, it is just an experiment.

Best wishes,

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