[tex-live] texdoc lettrine

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Wed Oct 13 21:55:54 CEST 2010

On 13 October 2010 Donald Goodman wrote:

 > +AMDG
 > > When I try to pull up the documentation for lettrine.sty
 > > using texdoc, I get the ConTeXt documentation, not Daniel
 > > Flipo's lettrine.sty documentation.  In TeXLive 2009, I got
 > > the LaTeX package documentation, as I expected.
 > This is ambiguous; sorry.  The command I run is "texdoc lettrine";
 > prior to installing TeXLive 2010, I got the documentation to Daniel
 > Flipo's lettrine.sty, but now I get "Lettrines for ConTeXt".  I'm a
 > LaTeX user and not particularly interested in the ConTeXt
 > documentation.
 > My questions are, is this behavior correct?  If so, is it possible to
 > easily change it without altering too much plumbing?

If ConTeXt is installed, you also get its documentation and this
behavior is absolutely correct.  Thus, if you are bothered by ConTeXt
docs, just uninstall ConTeXt.

The name of the program is "texdoc", not "latexdoc" and I don't think
that ConTeXt docs are less appropriate than LaTeX docs here.

But there is still the -s option which helps you to resolve such
ambiguities conveniently.


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