[tex-live] Apropos for TeX Live?

Herbert Schulz herbs at wideopenwest.com
Sun Oct 10 02:17:45 CEST 2010

On Oct 9, 2010, at 6:26 PM, Norbert Preining wrote:

> On Sa, 09 Okt 2010, Karl Berry wrote:
>> Looking at that mail now, I'm not sure that Jim's keywords need be the
>> only source.  The package summaries (<caption>s in Catalogue terms) also
>> seem like they could be used.
> tlmgr search foobar
> or tlmgr search --global foobar
> It searches short and long descriptions, and package names
> ??
> Best wishes
> Norbert


That's very interesting! It seems that tlmgr is a dog of may tricks. I ran

$ tlmgr search --global table

and got

tlmgr: package repository http://ctan.math.utah.edu/tex-archive/systems/texlive/tlnet
 Asana-Math - A font to typeset maths in Xe(La)TeX and Lua(La)TeX.
 HA-prosper - Patches and improvements for prosper.
 abstyles - Adaptable BibTeX styles.
 accfonts - Utilities to derive new fonts from existing ones.
 adrconv - BibTeX styles to implement an address database.
 akletter - Comprehensive letter support.
 algorithm2e - Floating algorithm environment with algorithmic keywords.
 alterqcm - Multiple choice questionnaires in two column tables.
 animate - Create PDF animations from graphics files and inline graphics.
 appendix - Extra control of appendices.
 armenian - A sytem for writing Armenian with TeX and LaTeX.
 autotab - Generating tabulars from input data.
 beamer - A LaTeX class for producing presentations and slides.
 bibarts - "Arts"-style bibliographical information.
 bibtex8 - A fully 8-bit adaptation of BibTeX 0.99.
 booktabs - Publication quality tables in LaTeX
 boxhandler - Flexible Captioning and Deferred Box/List Printing.
 bundledoc - Bundle together all the files needed to build a LaTeX document.
 calctab - Language for numeric tables.
 cals - Multipage tables with wide range of features.
 captcont - Retain float number across several floats.
 captdef - Declare free-standing \caption commands.
 caption - Customising captions in floating environments.
 carlisle - David Carlisle's small packages.
 ccaption - Continuation headings and legends for floats.
 cdpbundl - Business letters in the Italian style.
 cellspace - Ensure minimal spacing of table cells.
 cfr-lm - Enhanced support for the Latin Modern fonts.
 chembst - A collection of BibTeX files for chemistry journals.
 chronology - Provides a horizontal timeline.
 cmap - Make PDF files searchable and copyable.
 colortab - Shade cells of tables and halign.
 colortbl - Add colour to LaTeX tables.
 colorwav - Colours by wavelength of visible light.
 comprehensive - Symbols accessible from LaTeX.
 confproc - A set of tools for generating conference proceedings.
 context-simpleslides - A module for preparing presentations.
 cool - COntent-Oriented LaTeX.
 coordsys - Draw cartesian coordinate systems.
 croatian - Fonts for Croatian Glagolitic and other Croatian scripts.
 crop - Support for cropmarks.
 crossreference - Crossreferences within documents.
 csvsimple - Simple CSV file processing.
 csvtools - Reading data from CSV files.
 ctable - Easily typeset centered tables.
 dateiliste - Extensions of the \listfiles concept.
 delimtxt - Read and parse text tables.
 disser - Class and templates for typesetting dissertations in Russian.
 dlfltxb - Macros related to "Introdktion til LaTeX".
 dpfloat - Support for double-page floats.
 dvipdfmx - An extended version of dvipdfm.
 dvipng - A fast DVI to PNG/GIF converter.
 easy - A collection of easy-to-use macros.
 ec - Computer modern fonts in T1 and TS1 encodings.
 eijkhout - Victor Eijkhout's packages.
 endfloat - Move floats to the end with markers where they belong.
 eplain - Extended plain tex macros.
 epstopdf - Convert EPS to 'encapsulated' PDF using GhostScript.
 eulervm - Euler virtual math fonts.
 eurofont - Provides a command that prints a euro symbol.
 exam - Package for typesetting exam scripts.
 examplep - Verbatim phrases and listings in LaTeX.
 expdlist - Expanded description environments.
 fjodor - A selection of layout styles.
 float - Improved interface for floating objects.
 floatrow - Modifying the layout of floats.
 fltpage - Place caption on an adjacent page.
 fonttable - Print font tables from a LaTeX document.
 fontwrap - Bind fonts to specific unicode blocks.
 footmisc - A range of footnote options.
 forarray - Using array structures in LaTeX.
 fragments - Fragments of LaTeX code.
 ftcap - Allows \caption at the beginning of a table-environment.
 hepparticles - Macros for typesetting high energy physics particle names.
 here - Emulation of obsolete package for "here" floats.
 hvfloat - Rotating caption and object of floats independently.
 hyplain - Basic support for multiple languages in Plain TeX.
 inlinedef - Inline expansions within definitions.
 interactiveworkbook - latex-based interactive PDF on the web
 ionumbers - Restyle numbers in maths mode.
 isodoc - A LaTeX class for the preparation of letters and invoices.
 jknapltx - Miscellaneous packages by Joerg Knappen.
 kalender - Create a calendar, in German.
 kerntest - Print tables and generate control files to adjust kernings.
 labels - Print sheets of sticky labels.
 lacheck - LaTeX checker.
 latex-bin - LaTeX executables and man pages.
 latex-notes-zh-cn - Chinese Introduction to TeX and LaTeX.
 layouts - Display various elements of a document's layout.
 linegoal - A "dimen" that returns the space left on the line.
 listing - Produce formatted program listings.
 listings-ext - Automated input of source.
 listliketab - Typeset lists as tables.
 ltabptch - Bug fix for longtable.
 luatexbase - Basic resource management for LuaTeX code.
 makecell - Tabular column heads and multilined cells.
 makedtx - Perl script to help generate dtx and ins files
 makeindex - Process index output to produce typesettable code.
 mathpazo - Fonts to typeset mathematics to match Palatino.
 mathspic - A Perl filter program for use with PiCTeX.
 maybemath - Make math bold or italic according to context.
 mcaption - Put captions in the margin.
 mceinleger - Creating covers for music cassettes.
 mftinc - Pretty-print Metafont source.
 minitoc - Produce a table of contents for each chapter, part or section.
 montex - Mongolian LaTeX.
 morefloats - Increase the number of simultaneous LaTeX floats.
 ms - Various LaTeX packages by Martin Schroder.
 nature - Prepare papers for the journal Nature.
 nomentbl - Nomenclature typeset in a longtable
 nonfloat - Non-floating table and figure captions.
 notoccite - Prevent trouble from citations in table of contents, etc.
 numericplots - Plot numeric data (including Matlab export) using PSTricks.
 numprint - Print numbers with separators and exponent if necessary.
 ocgtools - Manipulate OCG layers in PDF presentations.
 ot-tableau - Optimality Theory tableaux in LaTeX.
 pdfslide - Presentation slides using pdftex.
 photo - A float environment for photographs.
 pinlabel - A TeX labelling package.
 pkfix-helper - Make PostScript files accessible to pkfix.
 poemscol - Typesetting Critical Editions of Poetry.
 polytable - Tabular-like environments with named columns.
 ppr-prv - Prosper preview.
 pstricks - PostScript macros for TeX.
 qtree - Draw tree structures.
 refcheck - Check references (in figures, table, equations, etc).
 rmpage - A package to help change page layout parameters in LaTeX.
 rotating - Rotation tools, including rotated full-page floats.
 rotfloat - Rotate floats.
 sanskrit - Sanskrit support.
 savefnmark - Save name of the footnote mark for reuse.
 seqsplit - Split long sequences of characters in a neutral way.
 shipunov - A collection of LaTeX packages and classes.
 shorttoc - Table of contents with different depths.
 sidecap - Typeset captions sideways.
 simplecd - Simple CD, DVD covers for printing.
 smalltableof - Create listoffigures etc. in a single chapter.
 songbook - Package for typesetting song lyrics and chord books.
 soul - Hyphenation for letterspacing, underlining, and more.
 spreadtab - Spreadsheet features for LaTeX tabular environments.
 startex - An XML-inspired format for student use.
 statistik - Store statistics of a document.
 subfig - Figures broken into subfigures
 subfigure - Deprecated: Figures divided into subfigures.
 subfloat - Sub-numbering for figures and tables.
 supertabular - A multi-page tables package.
 t1utils - Simple Type 1 font manipulation programs.
 tableaux - Construct tables of signs and variations.
 tablenotes - Notes in tables at end document.
 tablor - Create tables of signs and of variations.
 tabls - Better vertical spacing in tables and arrays.
 tabularcalc - Calculate formulas in a tabular environment.
 tabvar - Typesetting tables showing variations of functions.
 talk - A LaTeX class for presentations.
 tap - TeX macros for typesetting complex tables.
 tds - The TeX Directory Structure standard.
 tex - A sophisticated typesetting engine.
 texdraw - Graphical macros, using embedded PostScript.
 texinfo - Texinfo documentation system.
 texlive-scripts - TeX Live infrastructure programs
 texsis - Plain TeX macros for Physicists.
 texworks - Cross-platform friendly front end.
 threeparttable - Tables with captions and notes all the same width.
 threeparttablex - Notes in longtables.
 timetable - Generate timetables.
 tocloft - Control table of contents, figures, etc.
 tocvsec2 - Section numbering and table of contents control.
 tools - The LaTeX standard tools bundle.
 trivfloat - Quick float definitions in LaTeX.
 variations - Typeset tables of variations of functions.
 volumes - Typeset only parts of a document, with complete indexes etc.
 widetable - An environment for typesetting tables of specified width
 wrapfig - Produces figures which text can flow around.
 xcolor - Driver-independent color extensions for LaTeX and pdfLaTeX.
 xcomment - Allows selected environments to be included/excluded.
 xdoc - Extending the LaTeX doc system.
 xmltex - Support for parsing XML documents.
 xmpincl - Include eXtensible Metadata Platform data in PDFLaTeX.
 xtab - Break tables across pages.
 yannisgr - Greek fonts by Yannis Haralambous.
 ytex - Macro package developed at MIT.

which is way more than I expected. But it is inclusive.

Good Luck,

Herb Schulz
(herbs at wideopenwest dot com)

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