[tex-live] MacTeX: luatex fmtutil failed

Robert Eckl eckl.r at gmx.de
Fri Nov 26 03:11:14 CET 2010

Norbert Preining wrote
>On Do, 25 Nov 2010, Robert Eckl wrote:
>> fmtutil: fmtutil: unknown option `--no-error-if-no-format'. Try fmtutil
>> --help for help.
>Do you by chance have TL 2009 *AND* TL 2010 installed, and your 
>preference is set to use 2009?
No, preference was set to use 2010, i´m sure.

>What does 
>	which fmtutil
>say on the command line.

/opt/local/bin/fmtutil (after a new installation of TL)

>> In /usr/texbin is no luatex, but a link lualatex -> luatex. 
>> If I copy luatex to /usr/texbin i get fatal format file error. 
>Your system seems quite hosed.

Yes, now I have installed TL over the system, the updates are going
forward. Font database will be generated - now it looks fine.

Thank you very much,


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