[tex-live] tlmgr asked me to report this

Lars Madsen daleif at imf.au.dk
Wed Nov 24 09:32:12 CET 2010

Norbert Preining wrote:
> On Mi, 24 Nov 2010, Dan Luecking wrote:
>>   tlmgr: inconsistency on the server:
>>   tlmgr: tlp for package asciichart cannot be found, please report.
> Hmm, strange, I didn't see this message ..., in my case asciichart was
> removed and ascii-chart installed, without any warning.
> Anyway... thanks for reporting.. although it puzzles me a bit. In the
> code of tlmgr that leads up to the above error message there I have written:
>       # we checked already that this package is present!
>       # but our checks seem to be wrong, no idea why
>       # ahhh, it seems that it can happen due to a stupid incident, a bug
>       # on the server:
>       # - remove a package from a collection
>       # - at the same time increase its version number
>       # then what happens is:
>       # - first the package is removed (auto-remove!)
>       # - then it is tried to be updated here, which is not working!
>       # report that and ask for report
> (I like to write my comments in a bit peculiar way)
> But it does *NOT* explain why asciichart was tried to be updated...
> Best wishes
> Norbert

we got it in a clean install yesterday as well



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