[tex-live] Feature requests tlmgr

Pander pander at users.sourceforge.net
Fri Nov 19 10:31:04 CET 2010

On 2010-11-18 16:31, Pander wrote:
> On 2010-11-16 15:46, Adam R. Maxwell wrote:
>> On Nov 16, 2010, at 04:59 , Norbert Preining wrote:
>>> update --list *IS* shows *ALL* updates, also those of texlive.infra
>>> (more specifically those of the critical packages).
>>> And if you want to automatize it I recommend reading the section
>>> on MACHINE READABLE in the tlmgr manager, then you can easily parse
>>> that and write a nice cron script, which you hopefully will send
>>> back to the lsit here!
>> I wrote a Python script to do this for the latest version of
>> TeX Live Utility.  The tlmgr part is platform-agnostic, so at
>> least shows how the parsing might be accomplished.  Watch out
>> for status; I only count additions or updates.
> Thanks for refactoring your script so my code can be included. For those
> on a recent version of Ubuntu and some knowledge of Python, please test
> attached script (at your own risk) before Adam can do an intake. Send
> any improvement to me.
> The script will prompt via zenity any new changes for TeX Live and can
> continue directly to upgrading your installation.

Small bugfix in converting bytes, see attachment.

> Thanks also to some people on this list who already have tested it and
> have provided useful feedback.
> Best regards,
> Pander
>> One thing that's worth noting: if you use mirror.ctan.org to
>> count updates, launch tlmgr with the /actual/ host to perform
>> the update.  Mirror synchronization can make this really
>> confusing, otherwise.
>> There's a launchd property list and installer script also,
>> but those are Mac-specific.

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