[tex-live] PK fonts characters left blank by "dvips -P pdf" on windows

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Wed Nov 17 21:07:55 CET 2010

On 17 November 2010 Khaled Hosny wrote:

 > I extracted the pfb files (with associated afm, pfm), wrote a map file
 > and it seems to work, but y&y fonts lack 17, 12, 9 and 8 points, so the
 > map file now looks like:
 > bbold17 BBOLD17 <bbold10.pfb
 > bbold12 BBOLD12 <bbold10.pfb
 > bbold10 BBOLD10 <bbold10.pfb
 > bbold9 BBOLD9 <bbold10.pfb
 > bbold8 BBOLD8 <bbold7.pfb
 > bbold7 BBOLD7 <bbold7.pfb
 > bbold5 BBOLD5 <bbold5.pfb
 > Is this right, or should I leave the missing sizes out so that bitmap
 > fonts are used there?

Hi Khaled,
thanks for working on it.  However, it looks a bit odd to me.  As far
as I understand, a metric file always has to match the actual font.

If there is no actual font for 17 pt available, one would say in plain

  \font\x=bbold10 at 17 pt

In LaTeX you have to adapt the file 'Ubbold.fd' accordingly.  This is
described in the LaTeX2e font selection guide, chapter 4:

  texdoc fntguide

There are two things to consider:

 1. Since 'Ubbold.fd' already exists, you have to create one with an
    other name.  A dedicated .sty file is also needed.  It's not
    possible to provide a simple replacement.  A real 17pt font has
    other metrics than a 10pt font scaled to 17pt.

 2. The file  texmf-dist/tex/latex/bbold/Ubbold.fd  supports a limited
    set of font sizes only.  This is fine for bitmap fonts because you
    don't want metafont to create bitmaps for 10.3pt if requested by a
    user.  Instead, a 10pt font will be used.

    For Type 1 fonts this restriction isn't necessary.  Thus, instead

      <10> <10.95> <12> <14.4> <17.28> <20.74> <24.88> bbold10

    it's better to write:

      <10-> bbold10

    Then bbold10 will be used for any size equal or larger than 10pt.

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