[tex-live] Update all installed failed

Philip Taylor (Webmaster, Ret'd) P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Mon Nov 15 17:44:15 CET 2010

T T wrote:
> On 13 November 2010 15:48, Norbert Preining<preining at logic.at>  wrote:
>> On Sa, 13 Nov 2010, Philip Taylor (Webmaster, Ret'd) wrote:
>>> But to be fair, most analogous utilities detected that an application
>>> that needs to be updated is currently running, warns the user, and
>>> either asks the user to shut down the offending application or offers
>>> to do so on behalf of the user.  TLMGR does neither ...
>> Contribute code to do so ...
> I added this to my TODO list, but I won't get around to it for at
> least a couple of months (if at all; it's not that trivial with the
> scripting tools we use and I don't see it as a real priority).

Excellent news, Tomek : please let me know if I can help in any way.
** Phil.

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