[tex-live] Update all installed failed

Philip Taylor (Webmaster, Ret'd) P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Sat Nov 13 14:11:59 CET 2010

Ended as follows :

D: done texworks.win32.r17870.tar.xz, size 7289412, d473e640058dc0c160b07d6d5a4eeab8
[11/153, 02:17/27:06] update: texworks.win32 [5257k] (17870 -> 20164) ... D:persistent connection set up, trying to get file.
D:downloading file via permanent connection succeeded
D:un-xzing E:\TeX\Live\2010\temp\texworks.win32.tar.xz to E:\TeX\Live\2010\temp\texworks.win32.tar
D:unpacking E:\TeX\Live\2010\temp\texworks.win32.tar in E:\TeX\Live\2010
tar: Could not create file bin/win32/texworks.exe: Permission denied
tar: Could not create file tlpkg/texworks/TeXworks.exe: Permission denied
tar: Could not create file tlpkg/texworks/libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll: Permission denied
tar: Could not create file tlpkg/texworks/mingwm10.dll: Permission denied
untar: untarring E:\TeX\Live\2010\temp\texworks.win32.tar failed (in E:\TeX\Live\2010)

Installation of new version of texworks.win32 did fail, trying to unwind.
D:un-xzing E:\TeX\Live\2010\temp\texworks.win32.r17870.tar.xz to E:\TeX\Live\2010\temp\texworks.win32.r17870.tar
xzdec: (stdin): Unexpected end of input
D:unpacking E:\TeX\Live\2010\temp\texworks.win32.r17870.tar in E:\TeX\Live\2010
Cannot open tlpobj file: E:/TeX/Live/2010/tlpkg/tlpobj/texworks.win32.tlpobj at E:/TeX/Live/2010/tlpkg/TeXLive/TLPOBJ.pm line 75.

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