[tex-live] Update all installed failed

Philip Taylor (Webmaster, Ret'd) P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Sat Nov 13 13:32:55 CET 2010

Norbert Preining wrote:
> (group all please)
> On Sa, 13 Nov 2010, Philip Taylor (Webmaster, Ret'd) wrote:
>> No, nor did I reset it to the PRETEST location; when I started this
>> thread, I used the TLMGR GUI to load the default network repository,
>> and I have not manually reverted anything since then.
> Yes, but the default is still saved in the tlpdb...
>>> Ever thought about that since the release of TL2010 there is no
>>> tlpretest anymore???
>> Yes, of course, but as above I did not expect the TLMGR to
>> revert itself to the PRETEST location.
> It never reverted to that, it keeps what it has been told in the beginning,
> and that is saved in the local tlpdb.

So how does one update that through the GUI ?

> See
> 	tlmgr option repository

I do not wish to be difficult, particularly because you are doing
your best to help, but if a program such as TLMGR has a GUI interface,
then "the average man on the top deck of a Number 53 Clapham Common
Omnibus" would expect to be able to do something as ?simple" as
change the default repository through the GUI, and I, in my innocence,
assumed that "Load default network repository" would do just that.

>>        local: 2010
>>   repository: 2009
>> (Perhaps you need to use a different CTAN mirror?)  Goodbye.
> So then the utah server is out of sync, .... please read the message!

I read it : I reported it back to you because it was you
who recommended that I use that repository in the first place ...

C:\Program Files\Microsoft.NET\SDK\v2.0>tlmgr --repository http://mirror.ctan.org/systems/texlive/tlnet update --list
tlmgr: package repository http://mirror.ox.ac.uk/sites/ctan.org/systems/texlive/tlnet
tlmgr: saving backups to E:/TeX/Live/2010/tlpkg/backups
beebe [330k]: local: 20272, source: 20425 (update)
curve2e [396k]: local: 15878, source: 20420 (update)
musixtex [5954k]: local: 20349, source: 20424 (update)
texlive-docindex [176k]: local: 20403, source: 20413 (update)
texlive-scripts [61k]: local: 19152, source: 20268 (update)
texlive-sr [745k]: local: 19117, source: 19501 (update)
texlive-zh-cn [809k]: local: 19116, source: 19531 (update)
texloganalyser [4k]: local: 18835, source: 19888 (update)
texshade [874k]: local: 17314, source: 20065 (update)
textpos [284k]: local: 16217, source: 19961 (update)
texworks.win32 [5257k]: local: 17870, source: 20164 (update)
texworks [1860k]: local: 18937, source: 20163 (update)
thmtools [254k]: local: 18850, source: 19813 (update)
threeparttablex [62k]: local: 16988, source: 19460 (update)
thumbpdf [32k]: local: 18835, source: 19315 (update)
tikz-3dplot [391k]: local: 17852, source: 19879 (update)
times [334k]: local: 15878, source: 20375 (update)
timing [97k]: local: 15878, source: 19521 (update)
titlepages [867k]: local: 15878, source: 19457 (update)
tocbibind [320k]: local: 16882, source: 20085 (update)
tocloft [458k]: local: 15878, source: 20084 (update)
todonotes [336k]: local: 16544, source: 19905 (update)
tools [5047k]: local: 15878, source: 20258 (update)
ttfutils.win32 [100k]: local: 19074, source: 19568 (update)
txfontsb [4377k]: local: 16764, source: 19513 (update)
ulem [107k]: local: 16866, source: 20083 (update)
undolabl [357k]: local: 18896, source: 20043 (update)
unicode-math [1918k]: local: 18723, source: 19934 (update)
venturisadf [4194k]: local: 18651, source: 19444 (update)
vhistory [337k]: local: 15878, source: 19901 (update)
visualfaq [1635k]: local: 15878, source: 19677 (update)
wintools.win32 [1498k]: local: 19167, source: 20279 (update)
xcomment [82k]: local: 18300, source: 20031 (update)
xecyr [302k]: local: 18835, source: 20221 (update)
xepersian [318k]: local: 18829, source: 19887 (update)
xetex.win32 [4336k]: local: 19186, source: 19568 (update)
xetex-itrans [19k]: local: 16614, source: 20175 (update)
xetexref [140k]: local: 15878, source: 19686 (update)
xindy [441k]: local: 19092, source: 19536 (update)
xltxtra [141k]: local: 18726, source: 19809 (update)
xpackages [2401k]: local: 18440, source: 20099 (update)
xskak [28k]: local: 15878, source: 19440 (update)
xunicode [17k]: local: 15878, source: 19594 (update)
xypic [4435k]: local: 19142, source: 20081 (update)
yax [125k]: local: 19036, source: 19707 (update)
zhspacing [165k]: local: 15878, source: 19473 (update)
adforn [388k]: local: <absent>, source: 20019 (auto-install)
adfsymbols [401k]: local: <absent>, source: 19766 (auto-install)
baskervald [661k]: local: <absent>, source: 19490 (auto-install)
berenisadf [1664k]: local: <absent>, source: 19952 (auto-install)
biblatex-chicago [1256k]: local: <absent>, source: 19646 (auto-install)
bodegraph [351k]: local: <absent>, source: 20047 (auto-install)
cals [364k]: local: <absent>, source: 20025 (auto-install)
calxxxx-yyyy [336k]: local: <absent>, source: 19973 (auto-install)
catchfilebetweentags [134k]: local: <absent>, source: 20204 (auto-install)
cfr-lm [2611k]: local: <absent>, source: 19666 (auto-install)
chextras [136k]: local: <absent>, source: 20044 (auto-install)
cm-unicode [14720k]: local: <absent>, source: 19445 (auto-install)
context-filter [9k]: local: <absent>, source: 20288 (auto-install)
csvsimple [530k]: local: <absent>, source: 20398 (auto-install)
cutwin [310k]: local: <absent>, source: 20000 (auto-install)
dfgproposal [410k]: local: <absent>, source: 20350 (auto-install)
drawstack [52k]: local: <absent>, source: 19627 (auto-install)
drs [103k]: local: <absent>, source: 19232 (auto-install)
electrum [995k]: local: <absent>, source: 19705 (auto-install)
elteikthesis [2421k]: local: <absent>, source: 19800 (auto-install)
eqell [179k]: local: <absent>, source: 20219 (auto-install)
everyhook [111k]: local: <absent>, source: 19935 (auto-install)
fjodor [444k]: local: <absent>, source: 20220 (auto-install)
gillcm [206k]: local: <absent>, source: 19878 (auto-install)
hardwrap [129k]: local: <absent>, source: 20407 (auto-install)
hyphen-afrikaans [1k]: local: <absent>, source: 19815 (auto-install)
imakeidx [459k]: local: <absent>, source: 19407 (auto-install)
inputtrc [172k]: local: <absent>, source: 20409 (auto-install)
installfont.win32 [1k]: local: <absent>, source: 19743 (auto-install)
installfont [59k]: local: <absent>, source: 20355 (auto-install)
interfaces [694k]: local: <absent>, source: 20388 (auto-install)
jamtimes [876k]: local: <absent>, source: 20408 (auto-install)
koma-moderncvclassic [7k]: local: <absent>, source: 20169 (auto-install)
kpathsea.win32 [328k]: local: <absent>, source: 19577 (auto-install)
latex2e-help-texinfo-spanish [789k]: local: <absent>, source: 19634 (auto-install)
latex4wp [665k]: local: <absent>, source: 19730 (auto-install)
lecturer [1118k]: local: <absent>, source: 20011 (auto-install)
locality [181k]: local: <absent>, source: 20422 (auto-install)
logreq [7k]: local: <absent>, source: 19640 (auto-install)
luacode [363k]: local: <absent>, source: 20372 (auto-install)
lualatex-doc [137k]: local: <absent>, source: 20419 (auto-install)
luasseq [143k]: local: <absent>, source: 20423 (auto-install)
luatex.win32 [1181k]: local: <absent>, source: 19439 (auto-install)
marginfix [365k]: local: <absent>, source: 19602 (auto-install)
math-e [52k]: local: <absent>, source: 20062 (auto-install)
mdputu [209k]: local: <absent>, source: 20298 (auto-install)
numericplots [105k]: local: <absent>, source: 19828 (auto-install)
oldstandard [2404k]: local: <absent>, source: 19512 (auto-install)
pagesLTS [918k]: local: <absent>, source: 19957 (auto-install)
parselines [116k]: local: <absent>, source: 20205 (auto-install)
parskip [175k]: local: <absent>, source: 19963 (auto-install)
path [289k]: local: <absent>, source: 19866 (auto-install)
poltawski [8018k]: local: <absent>, source: 20075 (auto-install)
prerex [581k]: local: <absent>, source: 19799 (auto-install)
present [427k]: local: <absent>, source: 20080 (auto-install)
progressbar [367k]: local: <absent>, source: 20061 (auto-install)
pst-eucl-translation-bg [355k]: local: <absent>, source: 19296 (auto-install)
punknova [931k]: local: <absent>, source: 19714 (auto-install)
realscripts [109k]: local: <absent>, source: 19976 (auto-install)
rec-thy [216k]: local: <absent>, source: 20114 (auto-install)
romande [743k]: local: <absent>, source: 19537 (auto-install)
romanneg [182k]: local: <absent>, source: 20087 (auto-install)
russ [7k]: local: <absent>, source: 20082 (auto-install)
rvwrite [80k]: local: <absent>, source: 19614 (auto-install)
secdot [252k]: local: <absent>, source: 20208 (auto-install)
section [359k]: local: <absent>, source: 20180 (auto-install)
sepnum [349k]: local: <absent>, source: 20186 (auto-install)
shadow [221k]: local: <absent>, source: 20312 (auto-install)
showtags [209k]: local: <absent>, source: 20336 (auto-install)
simplecd [234k]: local: <absent>, source: 19231 (auto-install)
skb [1500k]: local: <absent>, source: 19858 (auto-install)
spot [132k]: local: <absent>, source: 19844 (auto-install)
starfont [659k]: local: <absent>, source: 19982 (auto-install)
statex [178k]: local: <absent>, source: 20306 (auto-install)
subfigmat [283k]: local: <absent>, source: 20308 (auto-install)
suftesi [731k]: local: <absent>, source: 19798 (auto-install)
tabu [907k]: local: <absent>, source: 20421 (auto-install)
tex-overview [193k]: local: <absent>, source: 20305 (auto-install)
texlive-scripts.win32 [12k]: local: <absent>, source: 19292 (auto-install)
tfrupee [1224k]: local: <absent>, source: 20172 (auto-install)
uowthesis [135k]: local: <absent>, source: 19700 (auto-install)
xits [1324k]: local: <absent>, source: 20217 (auto-install)
ytableau [306k]: local: <absent>, source: 20357 (auto-install)
collection-bibtexextra [1k]: local: 17995, source: 20362 (update)
collection-binextra [1k]: local: 18336, source: 19743 (update)
collection-context [1k]: local: 18549, source: 19939 (update)
collection-documentation-bulgarian [1k]: local: 13822, source: 19296 (update)
collection-documentation-english [1k]: local: 18881, source: 20062 (update)
collection-documentation-spanish [1k]: local: 16564, source: 19634 (update)
collection-fontsextra [2k]: local: 18628, source: 19981 (update)
collection-fontsrecommended [1k]: local: 18317, source: 19478 (update)
collection-genericextra [1k]: local: 19036, source: 20017 (update)
collection-genericrecommended [1k]: local: 16866, source: 19849 (update)
collection-humanities [1k]: local: 17581, source: 19344 (update)
collection-langcyrillic [1k]: local: 16705, source: 20082 (update)
collection-langother [1k]: local: 18620, source: 19815 (update)
collection-latexextra [4k]: local: 18994, source: 20421 (update)
collection-latexrecommended [1k]: local: 18261, source: 20186 (update)
collection-luatex [1k]: local: 18256, source: 20423 (update)
collection-mathextra [1k]: local: 18723, source: 20357 (update)
collection-music [1k]: local: 13822, source: 20294 (update)
collection-pictures [1k]: local: 19127, source: 20047 (update)
collection-plainextra [1k]: local: 19038, source: 19663 (update)
collection-publishers [1k]: local: 19046, source: 20361 (update)
collection-science [1k]: local: 17277, source: 19627 (update)
scheme-context [1k]: local: 18797, source: 19662 (update)
scheme-gust [1k]: local: 15728, source: 19662 (update)

C:\Program Files\Microsoft.NET\SDK\v2.0>

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