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Fri Nov 12 01:47:47 CET 2010


** Ulrike Fischer [2010-11-11 11:53:08 +0100]:

> Am Thu, 11 Nov 2010 14:54:57 +0800 schrieb Vladimir Lomov:
>> I think there are three different request for feature.
>> 1. Lars Madsen aksed how to add an user directory with tex files. The
>>   question raised because MikTeX (up to now?) don't provide any feature
>>   like TEXMFHOME that TL provides. So MikTeX user have to add _manually_
>>   that directory/ies in MikTex Options programm. Please note, this MikTeX
>>   "feature" is due to lack of MikTeX, TL always (AFAIR) provides was to
>>   use user directory.
> Well no. Miktex generates "User-Trees" called USERDATA (which
> contains files generated on-the-fly like FDNB, pk, map-files which
> don't need a backup) and a USERCONFIG which is in the "roaming"
> profiles of a user and contains configurations. If a user installs
> (with the package manager) a package "as user" without the rights to
> write in the main tree it also goes in this tree (I think - I don't
> have  a multiuser setup). Packages that you want to install manually
> can also go in one of this user trees (USERCONFIG would be the
> senseful one) and so this tree can be seen as the equivalent to
AFAIK, this feature appear only in MikTeX 2.8 (the last version that I used)
and in MikTeX 2.9. Prior them there was not such feature. E.g. does
making %USERPROFILE%/texmf and populating it with tex files (in TDS)
work with MikTeX _after_ installation? (i.e. install using default
configuration the MikTeX and create that directory). AFAIK prior verison
2.8 there was only administrator mode for MikTeX Options, so only user
with administrator rights could install/reinstall/upgrade the system.
Only after 2.8 user could install "user-specific" packages in mentioned

> Nevertheless the advice is in general to generate a second local
> tree. For the reasons why I generate even more than one additional
> local tree: Because it is useful to have more than one. One for
> automatically installed local packages, one for my own private
> packages, one for testing something, one for a bunch of fonts and
> packages needed for e.g. a latex seminar. Once you get used to more
> than one local root you can't avoid to find them rather useful.
> (One shouldn't overdue it. In the due of time I declared quite a lot
> local roots and tumbled over the following problem: Each new root
> adds two pathes to MIKTEX_GS_LIB. At some point MIKTEX_GS_LIB got
> too long and mgs, the miktex ghostscript failed.)

The feature exist there is no "user-friendly" interface for it.

WBR, Vladimir Lomov.

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