[tex-live] tlmgr and TEXINPUTS

Lars Madsen daleif at imf.au.dk
Thu Nov 11 10:56:10 CET 2010

Vladimir Lomov wrote:
> Hi.
> (First I decided to post a new message but thought that there were too
> many posts on topic already.)
> ** Norbert Preining [2010-11-10 23:38:21 +0900]:
>>>> user mode tlmgr is the answer.
>>> Or ability to install into $HOME/texmf. If someone want to use
>> That is what user-mode tlmgr is about. It manages TEXMFHOME, so you could
>> use
>> 	tlmgr --user-mode --repo .... install testing-package
>> and it will be installed into your TEXMFHOME, and with remove it will be
>> removed.
>> As said, testers wanted.
> I think there are three different request for feature.
> 1. Lars Madsen aksed how to add an user directory with tex files. The
>   question raised because MikTeX (up to now?) don't provide any feature
>   like TEXMFHOME that TL provides. So MikTeX user have to add _manually_
>   that directory/ies in MikTex Options programm. Please note, this MikTeX
>   "feature" is due to lack of MikTeX, TL always (AFAIR) provides was to
>   use user directory.
>   The answer fir Lars question is
>   a) make sure that the directory is in TDS
>   b) rename that directory to %USERPROFILE%/texmf (this is $HOME/texmf
>   on Windows) or copy material to there.
>   c) that's all
>   Again: TL always advices to use TEXMFHOME for user files. THIS IS
>   PREFERED WAY. MikTeX doesn't provide (up to now?) such possibility, SO
>   important point. (Sorry for redundant upper case).

and what if the user want to name $HOME/texmf differently or place it on 
a different partition?

Actually what I was refering to is much similar to Ulrikes, I think we 
used the miktex root feature for this particular user, who is now 
switched to TL and cannot access his own files.

so if d:/foo/bar contains a TDS tree, the request is an interface of 
some sorts to add this to this persons installation.



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