[tex-live] purifyeps not working

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Nov 11 00:08:59 CET 2010

       1) Remove purifyeps from TL.

That'd be ok by me.

       2) Include pstoedit in TL.  Why do you think it's not simple to do?

I realized later that "simple" wasn't the right word.  "Inappropriate"
is the right word :).  We (I) don't want to provide general-purpose
non-TeX-related binaries (except for a minimal set on Windows, not
relevant here); TL is not an operating system.  E.g., we don't want to
provide xpdf and its related utilities either.

   3) Keep purifyeps in TL but without pstoedit.  

I don't have any particular objection to that, either, if it can be made
to work -- see Rolf's follow-up that I just forwarded to you.


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