[tex-live] purifyeps not working

Scott Pakin scott at pakin.org
Wed Nov 10 04:10:16 CET 2010

On 11/09/2010 05:31 PM, Karl Berry wrote:
>        purifyeps: No such file or directory (mpost.fmp)
> The purifyeps man page says that mpost.fmp comes with pstoedit.
> pstoedit is not included in TL and it hardly looks simple to do so.
> Conceivably I could add mpost.fmp on its own, but that seems a bit scary
> and hard to maintain.
> So I guess purifyeps can't work in TL right now.  (I more or less just
> blindly added it when it appeared.)
> Scott, any thoughts?

mpost.fmp is necessary but not sufficient for purifyeps to run.
purifyeps really does rely on the complete pstoedit -- it's basically
not much more than a postprocessor for pstoedit's output.

I guess you have a few options:

   1) Remove purifyeps from TL.

   2) Include pstoedit in TL.  Why do you think it's not simple to do?
      It's GPLed and builds with a configure script (at least on
      Linux; I haven't tried it on any other platform).

   3) Keep purifyeps in TL but without pstoedit.  In this case I
      suppose I can tweak the code to first check for pstoedit and
      give a more user-friendly "Please install pstoedit" error
      message and pointer to www.pstoedit.net if it's not found.

-- Scott

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