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Andreas Hirsch nishni_nowgorod at gaponline.de
Fri Nov 5 17:11:02 CET 2010

quoting Lars Madsen, [05.11.2010 16:57 +0100]:
> Andreas Hirsch wrote:
>> quoting Lars Madsen, [05.11.2010 16:44 +0100]:

>>> MikTeX has a simple an intuitive interface to add more 'TeX roots' to 
>>> MikTeX, i.e. more places to look for files. I have no idea what it does 
>>> at conf level, just that it is very easy to explain to users and for 
>>> them to add extra stuff.
>> As I remember, adding files in those TeX-roots need updating FNDB too.
>> So I can see no 'sipliness' of the MiKTeX approach.
>> Andreas
> but doesn't it do that automatically? plus it is all gui based.

no - maybe only at firts time then you create a new TeX-root

If you change the files inside any exisitng TeX-root you have to refresh

> All I'm mentioning is that this part is very very easy on MikTeX, and 
> rather complicated on TeXLive, users much much more confused than they 
> need to be.

GUI for iteself is not a guarantee for not beeing confused! Word2007 has
a mighty GUI ;-)

TLMGR-GUI is not to complicated to refresh the Filelist:


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