[tex-live] TEXINPUTS on windows

Lars Madsen daleif at imf.au.dk
Fri Nov 5 16:10:55 CET 2010

Akira Kakuto wrote:
> Dear Lars,
>> Given a TL10 on windows and a user who has a dir with his own private 
>> packages, say C:\mytexstuff
>> How do we add this to TEXINPUTS in TL10?
>> MikTeX has a very easy interface for this, but I have no idea as to how 
>> one should add this on TL10. I assume it is texmf.cnf in texlive/2010/, 
> You can add c:/mytexstuff// to TEXINPUTS.programname
> in the texmf.cnf, like
> TEXINPUTS.latex = .;$TEXMF/tex/{latex,generic,}//;c:/mytexstuff//
> The easiest way may be to define an environment variable
> TEXINPUTS=c:/mytexstuff//;
> Don't forget the semicolon.
> Akira

why can't we just add


to texmf.cnf?

If this is so complicated, I'd recommend adding a better interface for
this to the tlmgr TODO list. This is one of the features I like in MikTeX.

We recommend TL to all our users because then we know they have exactly
the same tools (more or less)



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