[tex-live] apparent bug in detex

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Nov 2 00:33:01 CET 2010

To put the bottom line at the top, Robin, please do write Dan about
this.  Thanks.  (BTW, Peter B wrote to Dan recently about the TL patches
to detex, but that is independent of this discussion.)

My comments, FWIW:

    cfr> So if my test file contains the line:
            Test\footnote{ a footnote}  \emph{it} quickly.
    then detex gives:
            Test  a footnote  it quickly.
    but detex -l gives:
            Test   it quickly.
    I found the behaviour of the 2010 version [of detex]
    differed significantly from that of the 2008 and 2009 versions:
            detex (TL 2010) + wc: 		209    3071   19119
            detex (TL 2009) + wc:		193    3199   19970
            detex (TL 2008) + wc:		193    3199   19970

I surmise it is because of upgrading to detex 2.8.

It seems to me it would be best for the original author to go back to
including footnote words by default (for the sake of compatibility), and
have a switch not to count them (if desired).  But of course it's
ultimately his decision.

   pd> a few misspelling
       256	<Normal>"\\sunparagraph"{Z}			;
       457					ErrorExit("-e option requires and argument");
       576		    ErrorExit("The environtment list contains too many  

    On line #256 a "subparagraph" is written as "sunparagraph," on line  
    #457 the word "and" should be "an", and on line #576 the first  
    "environtment" should be an "environment".


    The patch files don't seem to correct these occurrences.

We wouldn't correct typos in error messages in any case.  The
\\sunparagraph bug we wouldn't have had any reason to notice without
someone reporting it.  Anyway ...


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