[tex-live] Detex

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Freenet.DE
Mon Nov 1 11:20:26 CET 2010


Recently on the Mac OS X TeX list a discussion started why detex from  
TeX Live 2010 does not count the words in footnote texts when in LaTeX  
mode. I looked into texk/detex/detex-2.8/detex.l to find a possible  
explanation for this. Instead I found a few misspelling in that file:

   256	<Normal>"\\sunparagraph"{Z}			;
   457					ErrorExit("-e option requires and argument");
   576		    ErrorExit("The environtment list contains too many  

On line #256 a "subparagraph" is written as "sunparagraph," on line  
#457 the word "and" should be "an", and on line #576 the first  
"environtment" should be an "environment".

The patch files don't seem to correct these occurrences.

In any case, whether it's decided to count words in a \footnote{} text  
in LaTeX mode or not (could be made an option), couldn't the test.tex  
file become a \footnote{just for test use} to be alarmed when detex  
fails with footnotes?



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