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Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Tue Mar 30 23:32:16 CEST 2010

On 28 March 2010 Philip TAYLOR wrote:

 > I re-installed PS_View (some CTAN ftp servers were refusing anonymous
 > connections : security lockdown ?), and agree that all that seems
 > to be available is a compiled HELP file from which one can generate
 > single pages of PDF but not a composite linked document.  It might be
 > worth asking the two Ps if they can offer it in linked PDF format.

I just found out that tlpkg/tlpsv/psv_help_en.htb is actually a ZIP
file containing HTML stuff.  You can add the extension ".zip" to the
filename and extract the content in an empty directory.

Though I prefer PDF too, I doubt whether the HTML stuff can be
converted to PDF without much effort.  But what you can ask the two
Piotrs is to provide the *uncompressed* HTML files in a separate
directory and adapt the software accordingly.  Then texdoc could
provide an alias for "psv_help_en_contents.html".

Do you plan to attend BT-2010?  It's easier to discuss it with the
authors there than by email.  I intend to come too, but I have to work
quite hard in order to convince my physician that I can be released
from the rehab center before TL-2010.  My last appearance was not very
impressive.  I don't need crutches anymore but I still can't walk

 > But a related question : why, as far as TL Manager is concerned,
 > is it called "tlpsv" ?  Surely (a) it isn't specifically TeX-Live
 > (hence why "tl" prefix),

This version is indeed TeX Live specific because it has to find the
hidden Ghostscript somehow.  It won't work without TeX Live.

 > and (b) it presents itself as PS_View, so if a user (such as
 > myself) wants to remove (uninstall) it, finding it in the list of
 > installed components is extraordinarily difficult (who would think
 > to look for "tlpsv" without prior knowledge ?).

Sure, "psview" would be a better name for the package.  But I don't
know whether it's possible to change the name of the package easily.
I suppose that changing the name means that "tlmgr update" removes
"tlpsv" and downloads and installs "psview".  

On the other hand, I think that if such expensive changes are
considered, they should be done as soon as possible, at least before
Windows users recognize that TeX Live is better than MikTeX.  Just in
order to reduce network traffic... :)


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