[tex-live] PS_View

Philip TAYLOR P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Fri Mar 26 12:16:53 CET 2010

Dear Manuel --

 > Sorry, I had no time to investigate this yet, I filed your email to answer it
 > later (probably this week-end). I hope it wasn't too urgent.

OK, I have worked around it for now by changing the associations
for PDF files within Windows Explorer, but my real concerns are
as follows :

1) From "Start TL Installer (Advanced)", I see nothing on the
main "Install-TL" window that suggests that the system is
going to interfere with a pre-installed Adobe Acrobat :
there is no mention of PS_view, and under "Change file
assocations", "Only new" is pre-selected, yet somehow the
TL Installer ignored my previous association with Adobe
Acrobat 7 and replaced it with PS_view.

2) There is no obvious uninstall route for PS_view,
as reported in the previous message in this thread.

3) It was not possible to revert to the previous Adobe
Acrobat settings because they had been irrevocably
discarded.  I would have to install Adobe Acrobat for
a second time in order to be sure that the settings were
as Adobe intended and as they had originally been.

I do not think that installing TeX Live should interfere
with pre-existing non-TeX installations.  As an absolute
minimum, the TeX Live installer should issue a very clear
warning such as "The current association for PDF files is
Adobe Acrobat 7.  TeX Live would like to replace this with
PS_view.  Permit this ?  [Y/N], with "N" pre-selected.

** Phil.

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